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After years of personal struggle, we found each other and the healing power of art. With God's love and continual guidance we follow the path as it is revealed to us. Our subject matter is personal as we share our own spiritual stuggles and open our lives up to others. If we gain a piece of wisdom that we think could benefit someone, we share that. If we are inspired by a musician or another artist, we make art about that. Sometimes we are just being silly and having fun. But ultimately we make art about the vision and the message. The vision is about making your dreams come alive and the message is about love. We make our art out of whatever materials we can get cheap or free and we experiment with new ways of working all the time. We both have been artists since we were small children, but only in the last ten years of awakening from addiction and going through several life changing tragedies have we really found our true purpose. We have strong intentions to create something from the heart which has meaning and is hopefully healing to others. Not art to hide away. Nor is it art which is to needlessly shock. But we are not opposed to presenting a strong message of warning to people about avoiding hidden pitfalls from vices and other dangers in an often troubled world. Since we began our vision quest together we have discovered that life has many surprises. Our art has opened the door to a whole world of wonderful friends, and teachers who help us to continue in our true calling. Sharing our art in galleries and shows is a continually rewarding experience as it is good to know when our work is helpful to and enjoyed by others. When our art strikes a chord with someone else--and usually a friendship too, we know then we are fulfilling our purpose.
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Indian Elvis by C.M. and G.K. Laster (SOLD)
Blind Willie McTell by C.M. Laster

Johnny Cash at rest now by C.M. Laster

In the Jungle Room by C.M. and G.K. Laster
Little Michael by C.M. Laster
Leadbelly by C.M. Laster
by C.M. and G.K. Laster
Wheel of Mis-Fortune by C.M. Laster
Within You by Grace Kelly Laster
Money Lover by C.M. Laster
Hard Workin Abe by C.M. Laster
Dwight Yoakam by C.M. Laster
Man in Black by C.M. Laster
Morning Song by Grace Kelly Laster

View Our Art! 2345678910