Recycled Art Project

The Recycled Art Project is our ongoing series of hands- on workshops involving positive self expression and the use of discarded materials to make beautiful works of art. We have held these workshops in a variety of settings including schools and community centers. For the past 5 years we have been asked by the Rev. Howard Finster to conduct workshops in Paradise Gardens in Summerville Georgia. These workshops are held each year. This year's will be the 21st of September All ages are welcome. It is always a wonderful experience. Let us make art with you! Also learn more about Levitra in the Europe.

This boy has built his first birdhouse with Howard Finster!
What stylish digs the birdies will have with this pretty creation
Another beauitiful work of art!
This work in progress is gonna be a good one!
Howard Finster adds the finishing touches
Lots of folks helped Howard color in this one. He also helped lotsa kids on their individual projects! As he says "ye-ah. everybody's makin art!"
Group photo of Recycled Art Project in Paradise Gardens
Everybody's made art! Ages 2-82! Or as we like to say--children of ALL AGES! Another wonderful fun day in the Gardens.