Home Sweet Home

The House of Two Million Objects
(our house!) is a constantly changing work in progress. Oh how we love yard sales, and trading collectibles for our displays. Folk Art, cowboys, crazy toys, music stars...you'll see it all at our museum (home!) Don't miss the World Famous Elvis Diner Karaoke Theater! And Hillbilly Walls of Fame! We also have several areas of interest in our backyard paradise which include:

• World's Greatest Outhouse (Hillbilly Privy with air cooled seat)
• The Itty Bitty Bed and Breakfast!
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• The Outside Inn garden cottage
• God's Green Acre Garden & Paradise Too!
• LasterBlasters Rockin Holy Roller Art Car
• 9 foot Elvis
• Laster's Art Shack
• Old Hank's Tool Shed
• James Brown's Funky Junk Barn
• Little Church in the Wildwood (in progress)
• JunkYardArts (always changing!)

Ole Hank, the Rock King, and the Godfather of Soul welcome you to the Outside Inn
Parking for Elvis Fans only. All others will be converted. Here's where you get your picture made.
See! the 9 foot King of Rock and Roll--larger than life!
American Dreamer. Poor Boy Done Good. You must be taller than Elvis to use the outhouse!

The Itty Bitty Bed and Breakfast
Sleep here and hear the birdies and the train a rollin by. Wake up with the roosters and see the sunrise. The Itty Bitty Bed and Breakfast
Out back we have the world's smallest Bed and Breakfast. It's real cute and cozy and a comfortable retreat. It's got a little bunk and some pillows and some little antique pretties to make it nice to rest or read or watch the birdies. If Y2k had hit, we were gonna fire up a little woodstove and move out there. Luckily we still live in the big house, and havea vacancy out back for weary travelers. It only sleeps one or one plus pet . But goldilocks says it's just right

Inside the Itty Bitty Bed and Breakfast. Great place for an afternoon nap.

The Outside Inn
This is our fantasy cottage that overlooks the garden. It has big windows and is like being outside but without the skeeters. (Bigger than the Itty Bitty-but still rustic!) Come on down and hang out or Inn! Outside the Outside Inn
No smoking in Outside Inn. Smoking in outside only!

Step inside the Outside Inn
Tourists park here! Sit right here. We don't keer! If ya got some time, we'll bend yur ear. And when you walk out the door yur eyes'll be sore! Thats for shore. If ya come once you'll come back some more.
Cozy dinner in the Outside inn?
This is nice but we also have available: gobble and squat, porch and possum, tent and spigot, and other fine lodging and dining
Inside the Outside Inn--guest quarters
futon bed overlooking the garden. A nice place to get away!
Campfire Coffee in the garden
or eat the instant coffee and save time!
Big Boss Man - World's Greatest
Dog Elvis Impersonator
Live from the front porch--the King of Dogs--it's the Boss Man! Hear-- " Hound Dog" ,"A Little Less Conversation--w/ Junkie XL remix", "Polk Salad Annie"' (chomp chomp), "if I can Dream"' "Bossa Nova Baby", and "How Great Thou Art"