Folk Art Friends and Rockin' Rollers

Myrtice And Wallace West
Myrtice is an Alabama Visionary who paints books of the bible, visions, and dreams. Wallace is a WWII vet, photographer, and a woodworker who enjoys a good cup of coffee, a smoke, and an Atlanta Braves game.
Bucket Man and his Bucket Head
A barefoot painter who changes the world one 5 gallon bucket at a time!
Mama Girl and her art
Sweet as candy corn. Her work makes the world a joyful place. Check out her perty painted paper people please.
Jim Shores goes "heavy metal"
This mystery man is always makin faces.
Robert Frito Seven, the Spoon Man
What's his deal? ... This man bends spoons with his mind and plays music on finely tuned forks. Does he pick out his own clothes? Who knows?! We salute the Freak Flag that flies freely from planet Frito Seven.
Lonnie Holley, the sand man, takes it to another level
the sand man has a plan for every grain of sand in his big ol hand. On the board and through the wall , bending the moment, heeding the call. Whats left of the land, his supply. Blowin our minds with a gleam in his eye
Sam the Dot Man
A dash of color! More like a splash! if you don't like sam you can kiss my---- boots--he painted me some--thanks Sam!
International spy
Lance Crackers spyvan # 435

Lance Crackers and the lovely Ms. Cream Cheese were spotted conducting semi--covert operations on the streets of Louisville at precisely 4:35 pm. Be on the lookout for the spykids! They've got your number!