Howard Finster Tribute Page

Howard Finster • 1916-2001
Our dear friend has passed from this world and gone back to another world, Heavens planet. We will all miss his living testImony of truth and hard work with faIthful dedication to sending the world a message from above.


A word about Howard Finster
We met folk artist Rev. Howard Finster at a time of trouble and confusion in our personal lives. He was instrumental in encouraging us to continue with our art, and has provided us with the spiritual guidance we needed to carry on after struggles and tragedies. He asked us to help him with important projects that he, at age 84 was too frail to carry on himself, and we have gladly helped him to continue his work for God. Our own personal rewards from doing so have been truly life changing. Take time to learn about Howard's life; he has inspired a lot of people for God through his preaching and art, and changed the art world as we know it.