The Elvis Miracle

Elvis Chuckles by Grace Kelly Laster
Elvis knew how to joke around and enjoy life. He also had alot of pain. We thought the ol boy could use a good laugh. He sure does make us happy. We couldn't leave him out! The music of Elvis is a constant source of inspiration to our lives. We go to Memphis for Elvis Week celebration and whenever it is possible and have made many wonderful Elvis Friends from all around the world. To those of you who love Elvis too, you know why we are so crazy about his music. He was really special with a God given talent to sing like no one else and inspire and uplift people. Everybody knows Elvis wasn't perfect. Yet, in spite of his personal flaws he was able to fulfill his purpose and have a positive and lasting impact on people around the world. To those of you who do not know the joy of Elvis, well that just ain't right. Get yourself some Elvis music immediatly (his gospel won 3 Grammies!) and be healed!